The biggest problem is that it doesnt SAVE my templates which is kind of crucial. Why would the founder of a high-profile, VC-funded company even think about wasting significant resources on something like this? I really love your selection of Thesis 2. Consider the elegance and simplicity of your iPhone, iPad, etc. So beware my friend:

So in my opinion it makes much more sense to use. Their support is hugely non-responsive; they have gotten too big for their boots. Current Thesis 2 Version Thesis 2. I started out with Thesis 1. The dragon he needs to slay this lifetime, to live a more fulfilling life. Hey Michael Please elaborate on the issues you have with Headway 3, as I have none with the current and latest versions.

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Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

Via child theme CSS? On a positive note: He IS a creative, bright mind. Flexibility is always a compromise between simplicity and complexity.

Will take a look at it when the site comes up. Great post by the way. I still really love headway, but something tells me Ultimatum is really going to gain a major spotlight in I built myself a site that I was comfortable with.

It took me a couple days tehsis get through it all, but I do have a xkin basic understanding of how to get around in the skin editor now.


Yes Headway means less coding; I still rather have to code than having hours of work emplode because Headway has a fit. It is rock stable for me, and I use it on all current thesi projects.

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pearwonified After that challenge, I think i will move away. Matter of taste, but it made me feel tired just looking at it. Others like Genesis, Headway and PageLines followed, and innovated on their own.

thesis pearsonified skin

Just like the name. The Elements of Style is now on my wishlist: Another huge plus about Genesis is that they do have a good selection of child themes that are responsive, and are relatively inexpensive. Very nice review with smart reasoning, tehsis I like.

thesis pearsonified skin

Then Genesis can be a good, solid choice. We bought Thesis 1 a couple of years ago. Yes you can do a lot with Thesis: By latemy premium WordPress Theme, Thesis, had grown to tens of thousands of users, and I realized it might make sense to invest in the domain, thesis.

I was hoping the Thesis guys would make me stay; I was already at other themes because of the unrelenting hype from DIYThemes. And then some more. Honesty and personal integrity are key life values of mine. Thesis is so yesterday.


thesis pearsonified skin

I think Bob wanted to wrap his two sidebars parsonified, to visually separate them from the content. You’ve got the latest and greatest! Awesome Website Themes has six new skins for Thesis that I would be grateful if you list. July 16, Updated: Regardless, Carrington itself looks like a fine framework.

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Going through the forum message boards I can see lots of people having similar issues and poor Girlie trying her best to help out, but its months after release now and these obviously known and reported Bugs have not been fixed. It looks like there are duplicate canonical links, but those can be removed in Thesis 2 header. It has some cool features, but pearsonifiex way too confusing. The size difference of the header may be due to margin or padding of the specific instances of the header block.

Strange, but placing blocks further apart makes the grid layouts more reliable.