July 26, July 26, Leave a comment. As I am reading this novel, I am also making some predictions. Alphonse was able to make Baby fall in love with him, and then he forced her into prostitution so he could make money. She always highlighted how her childhood was surrounded by negative influences, such as drug addicts, poverty, and the red-light district, however, Baby made it evident that women only seemed to want to go into prostitution or be forced into the sex trade. Lullabies for little criminals: While reading this novel, I really appreciated how Baby was the narrator and how I could visualize her life through her eyes and what she has witnessed.

This site uses cookies. If you were curious about any sources I have used throughout my post, please feel free to click the links below. University of Buffalo and University of Kent Study: In the novel, women portray the stereotype of women are supposed to look pretty and be looked at, when men watch the women dancing in the strip club and chose who they want as their date. Baby’s gift is a genius for spinning stories and for cherishing the small crumbs of happiness that fall into her lap. When Baby was born, her parents were teenagers and therefore ill prepared for the responsibilities of taking care of a child.

Lullabies for Little Criminals – Essay

Before I started reading this book, I thought I would be able to relate to Baby since she is a young teenage girl, but I find it hard to even imagine the life Baby lives. As a bonus, I always find blogs to be entertaining and sometimes humorous, cri,inals is always beneficial to anyone who does not want to get bored easily!

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

This novel portrays women lustful, don’t respect their body, have no sex control, must obey men’s orders, and are naive. She is able to ignore the extremities of life and just aimlessly wonder about the world and how it works.


However, after spending most days with him, playing with kittens and reading children’s books, instead of spending her time at Alphonse’s apartment, using drugs and having sex, she realizes that Xavier is not really a brand-new phenomenon in her life – just a forgotten one, a characteristic of life that she has been deprived of. Jules is unable to put the needs of others above his own, and in return shows Baby that the only thing important in life is yourself. For example, Baby once said: July 8, 2 Vor.

Women who are victims of any sexual harassment, assault, etc. Baby also portrays dor desperate and lustful woman, and falsely believes she is in love at first sight. Lullabies for Little Criminals was an excellent novel to apply the feminist literary theory to, and more insight on this theory can be seen with my previous blog post titled: Although concept maps may get super busy and look absolutely crazy with the amount of ideas showcased, I think it will be another excellent platform fpr explain llittle ideas about Lullabies for Little Criminals.

I picture Baby lonely ctiminals of the time, but I think of Baby as a responsible and curious young teenager as well. For instance, while Baby was with her friend, Marika, she told her how women make the most money: The perspective that I believe allowed me to gain the most insight to my text was from a feminist perspective. As her exposure becomes greater, her character begins to slowly deteriorate.

These characters and symbols can be classified into distinct archetypes that apply to the meaning of the story of the novel. Do they want to help?

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

I was able to create images of the many apartments Baby and her father have lived in throughout their life. Certain intangible goods—education, for example—are just fot crucial to their well-being. A limited time offer! Although the doll is an object, it fits under the archetype of essentially being a hero to Baby.


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Her early childhood was characterized by neglect as a result her behavior inevitably changes for the worst. Baby demonstrates how woman vor be easily manipulated into making the wrong decisions, and only shows how important it is to have parents as good role models. Retrieved 06,from https: The context of this novel can surely be connected to society today.

Even though the reality and harshness of life is displayed all around her, such as drugs and prostitution, she is still completely oblivious to them, as any other child at that age would be. Personally, I know that when I finish this novel, I will be happy that I read it and sometime else I will most likely go back and read it again.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

One challenge may statemennt that I need to make sure not to repeat myself luolabies each selection, but make each source creative in its own way.

Many of these characters fit under various types of archetypes, such as a caregiver, a rebel, a lover, a jester, and an innocent. Criminasl Reader Response Literary Theory. Furthermore, Baby does not understand the feeling of unconditional love that mothers often have towards their children which causes her to look for love in all the wrong places. The impression that I have on the author of the book, is that the author must have been exposed to many teenage pregnancies and many druggies.

When Baby was born, her parents were teenagers and therefore ill prepared for the responsibilities of taking care of a child. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: