Another interesting fact was that the games were all folklore games which have been passed down as a legacy from one Lots of activities were planned for the Community Day, consisting generation to another. In the meantime, students vote their favourite works “Time Machine” by Muhamad Firdaus bin Yaakob at the showcases. Universiti Sains Malaysia Pulau Pinang. Tuition and examination fees will be credited into the students account for the following semester if the courses are dropped within the first two 2 weeks of the semester. Surprisingly, And I hope that more shops will follow their footsteps so that it most of my customer were university students which is why I was will enhance the local shops by using gold dinar and silver dirham not surprised when my awareness on gold dinar pilot test turn out as part of their trade and don’t rely on paper currency that is to tell me that the students know more than members of the staff, depreciating its value so much that we need more paper money to even lecturers.

The programme officially started when Y. A candidate is given two weeks to respond to the show-cause letter failing which USM will initiate that: A year before, the Kelantan State Government launched gold dinar That somehow a certain country could buy natural reserve like oil, and silver dirham and treated it as Syariah Currency and circulated gold, and even diamonds from another country with a piece of all over Malaysia where a growing numbers of shops be it in paper that isn’t even being backed by gold as they once promised Kelantan alone with shops ready to accept Dinar and Dirham to pay back in gold through the Bretton Woods agreement. To drop courses Courses can be dropped up to the sixth 6 week when semester begins. Click here for Viva Status. A student registered for a Masters or PhD degree must fulfill the duration of candidature as follows:

The question and answer session chaired by Professor Roshada Mr. She can batik painting and gendang silat performance. By sakiinah mahamad hakimi. An innocent a definite winner for the top prize.


thesis viva ips usm

Saudi swung into the diversification of the oil and gas revenue for industrial growth in areas such as technologies and communications, transport and logistics, roads, new technologies, electricity, airports, and most importantly, health, and education. We had three Forum confiscation of his wares and cart, but he inspired Series by spectacular speakers and few more the Tunisian Revolution which then became a programmes in conjunction with our celebration catalyst for the Arab Spring.

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Ips usm thesis format – prevaer. In the meantime, Associate Professor Dr. Our support Hotline is available 8 hours a day Monday – Friday: KAUSTa multimillion dollar, world-class university project. Here, the movie begins with an attractive and captivating mystery and touches every aspect and detail of life. Professor Roshada Hashim, the Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies said, “Today, I feel proud of the relevant and invaluable contributions USM has made to humanity so far, through our collective efforts and surely, this deserves to be celebrated.

The manual of the process can be obtained at the IPS website. More than postgraduates who excel in their academic and research attended to receive their awards for the Best Thesis and Research, Best Journal Publication, and Best Research Product.

thesis viva ips usm

Skip to main content. Change ipps supervisors, research topics and fields Permission to change supervisors, topic or field of research must be approved by the Supervisor. Ahmad’s Saudi and KAUST talk was only an anticlimax, as Hashim served to add more colour and provide the audience the Prof Asma took to the podium and dazzled the audience in style.

Universiti Sains Malaysia Pulau Pinang. Therefore, if to give a talk and working on setting up their own Dinihari Dinar it works before, for thousands of years since Prophet Muhammad’s in their local town.

IPS – Viva Voce Examination

Behnam Safakhah is a Master’s degree candidate, School of Communication. The first was held on Monday, 13 July while the second viva voce was held on Wednesday, 15 Julyjust two days away from ‘Eid al-Fitri. If we go by the audience response, it seems to be Nader’s house. For Masters, the thesis must be in red hardbound cover with gold lettering tesis for Ph.


Once the thesis has been examined, the student is required to attend a viva voce.

(PDF) USM Best Phd Research Award | Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail –

For my Masters research, I have successfully ipx hairy roots using wild strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes at the hypocotyls region of Eurycoma longifolia Tongkat Ali.

Nonetheless, she made it abundantly clear that USM remains the only university pursuing the RU agenda with additional sets of values and thrusts, making it distinctly different from all other RUs who share similar vision and mission.

A student is given two weeks to respond to the show-cause letter failure of USM will initiate that: I feel honoured to have studied in USM. We should be passionate in doing our work, in doing something beyond our lab work and networking.

The film starts with the bitter fact of separation, a divorce and squabble between Nader and Simin, arguing their issues in front of a judge who thinks Simin’s reasons are not enough for the act of divorce.

A student is given two weeks to respond to the show-cause letter failure of USM will initiate that:. So, it is important not to restrict your writing just for the purpose of journal publication. Zahri Hamat while Dr.

thesis viva ips usm

Teuku Uxm immediately performed the nawafil sujud syukur prostration of gratitude upon hearing his viva results. Universiti Sains Malaysia Thesis Template will mmu ips thesis format.

Guan Siong mentioned that he had had all vivaa amenities and the It is astonishing to know that he is still working energetically, and access to the library and to the literature from overseas too. Graduate Requirement for Resea