But if you are interested in an MA and the program offers what you want, it is definitely worth an application. Did you avail yourself of those connections? I was fortunate to find a part-time job that helped me work on applications but still gave me enough to live on and the benefits to take language courses at the University. This is fairly rare for MA programs from what I know. It’s also going to cost me nearly 50k in tuition alone and I’ll probably have to go home for a year unless student visas cover gap years? It’s definitely true that Chicago would carry more prestige.. I’m utterly miserable in this program and wish I could go back in time and convince myself not to accept the offer.

Thank you for the advice! It has its positives and its negatives. But in groups, running into walls seemed less daunting. Not an easy choice but often times the tougher choice has a bigger payout in the end. I will begin with the standard cautionary advice: Posted April 21, edited. These are things, I believe, you can do without straying from your own goals.

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I will say the program is not for everyone. This is a tough one, and the MAPSS program can be great in some respects, but it isn’t a guarantee that you will get in elsewhere afterward.

We’re allowed to take any uchlcago in the graduate school, but good luck getting into the classes you need. Forgot to mention, I picked MAPPS for the exact reason you’re worried about last of prestige of another school accepting you. I really don’t mapse to be in debt for 30 years for a Masters degree that won’t even matter much aside from getting me into a doctorate program.


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Posted January 24, edited. It also makes a huge difference about the amount of footwork you do: Some will say you should never pay for graduate school. Almost every chapter of my thesis came from papers I wrote for other classes.

What’s the program thesus for international students? Almost every chapter of my thesis came from papers I wrote for other classes. It doesn’t hold the intellectual prestige that the University of Chicago holds. It will also put you in a better position to graduate in June.

I saw many amazing speakers, attended lots uchidago great workshops, spent time in office hours with great scholars and got to know a lot of peers. I will say that these options favor those in the harder social sciences Econ, Sociology, Poli Sci. Thanks for all those insightful posts in this thread.

I found myself really enjoying discussions in that class, and we got a quick taste for statistical data analysis. UChicago people can be super pretentious and believe the brand name gives them a right to the privilege it affords. Who supervises my MA Thesis? University of Chicago versus MIT – how are they different? My peers at MAPSS, who lived in Hyde Park, all hung out with each other, all complained and gossiped about the same coursework, long hours, professors, etc.

I really did not expect any sort of offer maoss Chicago, and was reluctant to even apply because of how competitive it is. I was also accepted for the year. For me, I paid to have access to excellent professors and prep me for grad a PhD and my envisioned career path.


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A few of my classmates hated coding, so they had a much harder time finishing problem sets and getting the most thesos of the course. Cannot recommend this program to anyone. Attending was the best decision I ever made. I have mostly talked about how it relates to extended graduate school careers, but many come to the program for a quick MA from a good school. Do you have any tips or recommendations regarding the MAPSS experience that you would impart to someone beginning the program?

uchicago mapss thesis

So it allowed me mapsa get the necessary coursework I needed and also allowed me to work with leading professors in my field and more broadly in historical methodologies. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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I just honestly can’t think of anything appealing to me other than that. I think this had deleterious effects on their ability to perform at a high level and keep a clear mind about their goals.

This controversial new search engine reveals so much more than ‘googling’. How are doing those students interested in economics or political science?