It is emphasized that the availability should be mentioned. It is prudent to allow three or four weeks for the task in addition to continuously writing it throughout the project duration. You are strongly recommended to look at several of these in the early stages of your research. For example, if the project is based on experimental activity involving data collection and analysis or involves hardware or software development there may well be extensive appendices detailing these aspects that result in the overall project report being substantially longer than is indicated here. Immediately following the assessment of project titles and allocation of project supervisors, you should arrange a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your project. The super highway and cyber space also help in qualitative improvement of Teaching — Learning Process.

Therefore the result which will be obtained from these findings from these secondary schools will represent the rest of secondary schools in Tanzania. Has the student identified clearly the methodology and resources to be used and justified them within the context of the activities undertaken? Skills gained In addition to academic and personal rewards, the project will allow you to gain the following skills: Oral presentations During the last week of the university examinations, a day, sometimes two or three, will be devoted to a series of brief presentations and demonstrations of each project given by the students. This may involve a substantial amount of software or hardware implementation and the application of scientific measurements and investigations to ascertain its properties and usefulness.

Adherence to these project guidelines is regarded as part of the presentation. Assessed work should not be produced jointly unless the written instructions specified this. In some circumstances you may be allocated a different supervisor, and you should check this as soon as possible. You should not leave a project without good reason and you should inform both academic and industrial supervisors in writing that you prlposal to do so.

Has the student presented clear aims and objectives? Before submitting Once you have your final error-free version of your report, submit one hard copy to the review committee and one hard copy to your supervisor, well in advance of the submission deadline. The final report should be self-contained and should give a clear description of the problem tackled, the objectives of the work, the methods used to solve it, the results obtained and the student’s original foramt.


It has to be planned well and written over a period of time. A complete reference allows the reader to find the exact content that you are referencing.

This is a compulsory and important part of your fourth year of study which many of you will also find to be very enjoyable and stimulating. Assessed work should not be produced jointly unless the written instructions specified this.

If so, how difficult will it be for me to acquire them? It is expected that a report given to the review committee a week before the submission deadline may be returned three days before the submission deadline. There is no single right way to write a project report because each project is unique and a body of research results is polysemic, inviting a variety of different interpretations.

This approval will be shown by the signing of the certification page, which shows that the report has been given the go-ahead for assessment. If you are in any doubt about for,at you should consult your supervisor.

Research Documents – Guidelines for preparing detailed research proposals

There should be a declaration in the report of the programming language used, the files included, and the size of the files. It is worth noting that lecturers are extremely busy at the end of semesters.

udsm research proposal format

The organization has also experimented with the use of open source software and thin client technology in an effort to lower the cost of acquisition. It presents your work as a single report.

udsm research proposal format

Marks are drawn up from three main components, your performance throughout, your reports, and resrarch oral presentation, as follows: It is important to demonstrate throughout the project report that a proper professional approach was employed. Though it will be the continuation of one project, assessment shall be treated as two separate units and as such, any material presented for assessment should be standalone for each individual module.


TE and TE Formta are required to carry out two project modules that together form the entire project from beginning to end i. Statement of Problem Despite the Tanzania government has introduced the use and involvement of ICT in secondary schools there are challenges and barriers which contribute to inefficient the use of ICT in teaching and learning process.

In some circumstances you may be allocated a different supervisor, and you should check this as soon as possible.

The general, somewhat prolosal, guideline is that the report should be as long as is necessary and no longer!

(PDF) Final year project instructions UDSM | Emmanuel Jonas –

Supervision A supervisor is appointed to each project. In terms of content, TE shall cover the introductory stages of a project, from the definition researcb specification of the problem and its objectives, to the literature review, methodologies to be used, schedule of activities, data collection, initial design and cost estimates of the project.

All entries to the logbook should be dated. Acknowledgements If your project is based on the work of a team it is usually appropriate to indicate this by saying so.

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All work should be handed in to the project coordinator before Thursday 4 pm of the week specified. Obviously both general and particular claims including ones made implicitly rather than explicitly must be true. Number of copies You should hand in two hard copies of your final report in tape bindingone soft copy as a PDF file in a CDand any software that you have produced in a CD. Sample output, tables of timings and photographs of workstation screens, oscilloscope traces or circuit boards may be included.

You are required to collect two project registration forms and on them, fill in your project details, including the details of your proposed supervisor and your project objectives.