Firstly, we give a thorough theoretical complexity analysis which compares the two approaches in terms of computational and communication complexity. A successful attempt to alter the geometry of silicon-based ceramic nanowires by means of anodic alumina pore size tailoring has been made. We round off this dissertation with both a theoretical and a practical evaluation of the proposed techniques. However, at higher voltages, this technology is not yet competitive to the current SF6 switching technology. Within this work, the measurement systems as well as the test circuit have been commissioned and tested. This is necessary to achieve a high number of test series because the use of power transformers is limited and not economical.

Zum Abschluss wird auch die praktische Machbarkeit der neu vorgestellten Techniken demonstriert. In the second half of the work, the focus shifts to multi-agent modeling, with the aim of analyzing the decision-making process in large-scale homogeneous agent networks. Application of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Allerdings ist die Interpretation dieser Tests durch das Fehlen geeigneter Diagnosewerkzeuge entscheidend behindert. However, one class of applications has barely been touched in the past 25 years: Methods for higher order numerical simulations of complex inviscid fluids with immersed boundaries. After discussing the system components and associated optimality criteria, numerical examples of collective tasks are given that demonstrate the capabilities of the continuum approach and show its advantages over large-scale agent-based modeling.

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ulb darmstadt dissertation

Moreover, the model is utilized to quantify the impact of the governing influence parameters. Further information on the process of dissertatlon and publication can be found on the website of Department II. Evaporation is accounted for at the surface of the droplet. A good agreement of the model predictions to the measurements is achieved. Drop impact, 3-phase contact line, phase change, dynamic contact angle, VOF, numerical simulation.


Increased visibility of your research findings Long-term archiving Free of charge, dqrmstadt and uncomplicated Permanent quotable URNs Integration of and cooperation with other datmstadt services Numerous features as for instance author-ID and Creative Commons licenses Consulting and Contact: To fill the gap of decentralized system models with explicit agent homogeneity, a new class of agent systems is introduced.

Die Erweiterung kommt ohne Hinzunahme von nicht-relativistischen Annahmen aus. Where do I hand in the habilitation? ShakerAachen [Dissertation] Oberlack, Martin: Template-assisted synthesis and characterisation of quasi-one-dimensional ceramic nanomaterials. The developed numerical model is validated with the help of highly resolved experimental data on single drop impingement.

We examine the file formally and give you feedback. The other application is simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in a rotating reference frame.

Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values

However, diverse optical, spectral and structural characterization methods confirm the active participation of the alumina matrix in reactions with the Si-based pre-ceramic precursors KiON Ceraset polyureasilazane and polycarbosilane SP Matrix Polymer within the nanochannels and the influence on the chemical composition of the nanostructures synthesized therein. The recovery voltage itself consists in equal parts of a direct and alternating voltage component and must be applied precisely during its voltage zero crossing.

Alternative Abstract Language Die vorliegende Dissertation befasst sich mit dem autonomen Erlernen von Verhaltensmodellen zur Beschreibung sequentieller Entscheidungsprozesse. How do Darmtadt also publish dissertahion habilitation thesis electronically?


Space-Time Discretization of Maxwell’s Equations in the Setting of Geometric Algebra

Dynamics of high-speed-resolved wing and body kinematics upb freely flying houseflies ullb to directed and undirected air turbulence. Downloads per month over past year.

Further information on the habilitation process can be found on the website of Department II. The numerical model is based on the Volume of Fluid method to track the evolution of the droplet shape. We will be happy to advise you on the topics of first and second publications, author ID and open access.

Since then, this area of research has witnessed many new theoretical results and technological advances, which made it possible to realize a large scale of applications using techniques from SMC.

Sebastian and Kurz, Prof.

ulb darmstadt dissertation

A colored-noise Fokker-Planck equation for non-Brownian particles in shear-induced diffusion. Furthermore, a best practice has been defined for future investigations. Especially during switching of capacitive loads, a high number of restrikes dielectric breakdowns occur. Downloads per month over past year. ShakerAachen [Habilitation]Wang, Yongqi: Extensive attachments of your work may need to be uploaded in a separate file.

PhD Thesis – FG Materialmodellierung – Technische Universität Darmstadt

Habilitations can be sent by post to the team Electronic Publishing or you can hand them in personally by darmstadr. It can be a one-sided or a double-sided print. Dissertationens and habilitations Utz, Thomas: