This requirement can be satisfied in one of the following ways. And, that which surrounds us includes so much more than published texts. Is there a difference between teaching critical, rhetorical practices and promoting a political agenda? It is identical to the written form of the M. Each student must detail their Background Preparation Form CS-1 showing when and where the material above was mastered note that a course is not required; industrial experience, for example, is a valid way to fulfill this requirement. Subscribe Subscribe By Email Get every new post delivered right to your inbox. Successful abstracts will indicate how the presentation will address issues of critical reading in the writing classroom at the secondary and post-secondary level.

Peter Calingaert, professor emeritus, who devised the measure when he was Director of Graduate Studies. The dissertation adviser serves as committee chair, unless the adviser is not a COMP faculty member, in which event a COMP faculty member serves as chair. We encourage all graduate students who are conducting or have concluded research to present at the Symposium. Registration will only be assessed in the event your proposal is accepted for presentation. The Final Oral examination normally consists of a public dissertation defense confined to the subject area of the dissertation.

In case of uncertainty about the material required, consult the instructor guide,ines the course or the instructor s of courses that include the material as a prerequisite. For students interested in teaching a course in the department, they must have completed this course before they can be assigned for teaching.

Students are encouraged to contribute three to six hours of outreach per academic year. The student must file Form CS to document completion of the requirement.


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The rhesis will either approve or reject the plan at this meeting. An exception to any rule may be requested for cause by petition. The following schedule represents typical progress toward the Ph. The Doctoral Guidelijes examination may be taken by any student who has passed the Doctoral Written examination, and whose program of study has been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Relevant graduate courses from other accredited institutions or from other graduate programs at UNC-CH can be transferred to satisfy any of the foregoing course requirements GSH: Each student must take COMP In other words, the student can elect ghidelines point in time during his or her stay in the Department and satisfy all the rules in effect at that point.

uncc thesis guidelines

The name recognizes Dr. Each submission has the opportunity to be judged by faculty and qualified industry personnel for a monetary prize.

uncc thesis guidelines

All requirements for the Ph. Can one be an effective writer without being a critical reader? Workshop dates can be found on the GRS website https: January 28, at Each student must take an additional 6 courses to fulfill a breadth requirement.

Doctor of Philosophy Official Degree Requirements – Computer Science

Three or four courses of which at least two support in depth the specific dissertation topic and at least one supports more uncv the area of computer science in which the dissertation topic falls. Students must be registered the semester s in which exams are taken. It is identical to the written form of the M. If the committee feels it necessary, it may supplement the dissertation defense by a private examination on other material.

All abstract proposals must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another conference. Also, a student may request a leave of absence for a definite, stated time, not to exceed one year. How do we teach students to read into writing? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.


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The student presents his or her research for 50 minutes; questions follow from the committee and from the audience.

If failed, the examination may be retaken, once only except by petitionafter a lapse of thsis least three months GSH: If, after passing the Doctoral Oral examination, the student undertakes dissertation research in a different area, the doctoral committee appointed for the new dissertation may require the student to take a further Doctoral Oral examination on the new area. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The project options must be approved by two faculty members.

The Graduate School may require the student to pass an examination on the course content before approving the transfer. The election of a formal minor is optional and infrequent.

The meeting can either precede or follow the Doctoral Oral examination, by either thesi short or a long interval, at the discretion of the student and committee. At least two of these must be earned by continuous registration for no fewer than six semester hours per regular semester or summer session, although registration during the summer is not required for continuity GSH: