You are permitted to provide the names of examiners that you do not want to examine your work and accompanying reasons , but that is the extent to which you are involved. Why can’t I see my results in MyLo? Please contact the Unit Coordinator to find out further information. The academic contact for any unit is the Unit Coordinator. If applying for a scholarship, both referee reports must be received by the relevant due date for your research area, as advised by the Graduate Research Office.

I’ve found a unit and I’ve enroled myself via estudent. In order to graduate, you will need to have completed the below steps:. Candidature milestones provide you with the opportunity to refine your project, as well as receive feedback and guidance throughout your candidature. Course specific information should be consulted first. As such, your referees must have current professional knowledge of your academic ability and be able to judge your research potential. My corrections have been completed and my supervisors are satisfied with my final thesis, what do I need to do?

Your coursework requirements will need to be met before you will be permitted to graduate. You will need to apply for an extension to your candidature, as your thesis submission has been delayed, by completing an Extend Candidature form. I want to suspend my candidature due to illness, how do I apply for a medical leave of absence? Details about formatting, length and referencing will be dependent on the discipline in which you have conducted your research. I need to change my bank account details, what do I need to do?

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We will advise you when this approval has been received. Candidates who have been awarded a scholarship may be entitled to a claim a refund for the printing of their thesis for personal or professional use.


Please contact the Unit Coordinator to find out further information. Degrees are regularly conferred at ceremonies held in August and December. Information about the examination process can be found hereunder Thesis Submission and Examination.

Graduation Graduation ceremonies occur each year in August and December. If you wish to be considered for a competitive, merit-based scholarship please indicate in the relevant field in your application.

utas thesis submission

If your Expression of Interest EOI is successful, you will need to find a supervisor in your area of research interest prior to beginning your application. Please be advised that printed copies are no longer required. For Honours and coursework Masters theses, format requirements should be explained by your School thesls supervisor.

Graduation ceremonies occur each year in August and December. How do I apply for sick leave? The University of Tasmania UTAS is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes the responsible and ethical conduct of research in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Other things that might need to be acknowledged here are if you had help doing some of the statistical analyses, or if you had technical assistance designing and building some of your experimental apparatus.

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I want to suspend my candidature, how do I apply theis a general leave of absence? Please ensure that you discuss all issues which you believe are affecting your candidature with your supervisors or your Graduate Research Coordinator GRC.


Please email the Graduate Research Submsision with your request. The number of course work units available to you depends on the course you are enrolled in: When you have completed any required revisions, please submit your corrected thesis to the Chair of Examiners. For PhD and MPhil theses, there are a few things of which to take particular note. For PhD or Professional Doctorate candidates only: Normally, at least one referee must thezis external to the University of Tasmania. What does a result code mean?

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The Chair of Examiners are responsible for providing a recommendation to the Graduate Research Office on the reports, who will then submit their comments and recommendation on the examination outcome to the Dean of Graduate Research. Information about your graduate research coursework can be found here. The time frame will be set by the Sbmission of Examiners and will depend on the extent of the revisions required.

Please email the Graduate Research Office with your enquiry. My thesis has skbmission under examination for more than three months, I have checked the status on iGRad, but would like more information.

utas thesis submission

It outlines your regular supervisory meetings, as well as your major milestones such as:. My corrections have been completed and my supervisors are satisfied with my final thesis, what do I need to do?