Augustine Librarians, like Supervisors and External Examiners, are part of the process that oversee the end product of long, arduous and expensive research—the thesis. It involves enquiry, investigation and original thought; in other words, research. Take along a copy of your registration certificate, printed within the last 24 hours. Checking this gives the Academic Librarian a much more heightened perspective of the structural breakdown of the topic researched. Sc 14 70 84 Ph. The University of London quickly responded outlining their policies and practices for handling academic theses and enclosing a copy of their leaflet entitled: Appendices are raw data illustrative of textual analysis.

They are the end product of long, laborious and invariably expensive research. Phil 33 30 63 Ph. The regulations stipulate that “the thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power. Augustine, Ordinance 7 was amended to provide for the deposit of two copies of each thesis accepted. University of the West Indies theses are available for public reference, inter—library loan and copying in accordance with relevant copyright legislation. This in turn helps the Academic Librarian to cope more adequately with reference enquiries that arise out of the discipline and makes it easier to fashion out a more amenable landscape in reference enquiries which are so vitally important in the pursuit of knowledge. Length of thesis—variation by Faculty and level of degree.

They further instruct on research methodology and calculations that are not obvious in the text. Augustine campus paid off. For complaints, use another form. A record is made of each thesis received and the thesis channelled to the appropriate subject divisional Librarian there are four subject divisions in the Users’ Services Section—Engineering and Physical Sciences; Agriculture and Life Sciences; Humanities; Social Sciences.


The undermentioned are statistics of theses submitted at the St. They are the end product of long, laborious and invariably expensive research.


Authorship study might indicate an increasing trend toward multiple authorship. To unlock West Indian potential for economic and cultural growth by high quality teaching and research aimed at meeting critical regional needs, by providing West Indian society with an active intellectual centre and by linking the West Indian community with distinguished centres of research and teaching in the Caribbean and overseas.

Subsumed in this narrative are two salient questions which have profound implications for the career paths of Librarians working in a university environment.

In the early s the St. If the examiners deem the work to be satisfactory with minor correctionsMPhil candidates declaartion be asked to make corrections to the thesis and submit the final three 3 unbound copies before the degree can be awarded see step 7. Layout—the correct sequencing of the title page, abstract, acknowledgements if anytable of contents, lists of figures, tables, illustrations, charts, appendices etc. Each campus is funded by its respective home government.

Social Sciences and Humanities decllaration semi—annual guide to the social sciences and humanities literature published in the English—speaking Caribbean.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

The Valence of Thesis Checking. Theses, primary source materials, are all about original knowledge.

uwi thesis declaration form

These are all enabling factors that guide the Librarian in fashioning out paradigms responsive to and consistent with the information needs alike of Faculty and students. Appendices are raw data illustrative of textual analysis.

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The procedures and methodology foorm the same. Association of College and Research Libraries. Table of Postgraduate Enrollment St. The University will not approve for binding any thesis without the following certification to the Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs, signed by the Library’s Thesis Co—ordinator on behalf of the Campus Librarian: Paper—quality, weight, size, width of top, left, right and bottom margins Typing—evenness, typeface, spacing, pagination. Augustine, Trinidad and Cave Hill, Barbados.


Phil 3 31 34 Fofm. It involves enquiry, investigation and original thought; in other words, research. In addition each campus has a Campus Council that deals specifically with the business of the particular campus subject to the approval of the university council. In such a case return to Step 1 i when ready fkrm re-submit. Each campus library has its own Campus Librarian responsible for the running of the library of that campus. The first is how do you declaaration, describe and quantify the kind of scholarship performed by academic librarians?

The Contents page gives the Academic Librarian the initial entry into a content analysis of the thesis. I further understand that no information derived from the thesis may be published without acknowledgement.

uwi thesis declaration form

Academic Librarianship and the Re—defining Scholarship Project. Augustine Library created an electronic on—line database for University of the West Indies theses. A bibliography is a compelling narrative that mirrors the growth, the vicissitudes, the efficacy of a discipline in declaratoin and space.

Guidelines for first-year PhD research proposal. Augustine campus, where those faculties are located.