You may submit your application before you have completed these requirements, however you must have completed them before the start date for the research you provide on the application form. Subscribe to Dissertation Fieldwork Grants. Can I apply for a Hunt Postdostoral Fellowship? Dissertation Fieldwork applications that were unsuccessful in a prior funding cycle may be resubmitted only if they are accompanied by a resubmission statement, explaining how the application is different from the prior application and how the referees’ comments have been addressed. Applications are screened against the General Criteria for Evaluation.

Because of the structural nature of access to power and resources current TJ tools have come under scrutiny by both scholars and participants. Return to program overview page. The grantee will be notified when the grant is complete. This serves as but one example of how government-driven TJ tools deviate from Indigenous concerns. You must complete an Eligibility Quiz to determine if you have met all the pre-requisites to apply: Main navigation About Programs Grantees History. Because transitional justice frameworks employed in non-transitional contexts have received little scholarly attention, a more robust understanding of justice and reconciliation can be achieved through an examination of TJ impacts in such circumstances.

Other Funding Sources Additional sources of funding for anthropological research.

Dissertation Fieldwork Grants only: Michael Schiffer fieldwrok others have brant that artifact distributions may not accurately reflect in-situ activities or the intensity of household practices due to routine sweeping and post-depositional processes Deal ; Manzanilla and Barba ; Schiffer; Seymour and Schiffer Attaining the methodological skills to perform household excavations, isolate timelines documented with the Harris Matrix System, and to determine changes in practices of daily life, are all skills applicable to my prospective research.

Will you work with academic personnel other than your supervisor while conducting research? There is no preference for any methodology, research location, or subfield.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork grant

If you are planning to submit your application materials via the U. This is a flat fiepdwork charged by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Soil Testing Laboratories, which will process 10 samples for soil chemical analysis. Have you applied to other agencies for funds covered in this application? Only two assistants are required for the first two months of the yrant phases. The findings from this research will be used to propose a broadening role of TJ facilitators.


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This project will make theoretical contributions by 1 offering a case study of elite domestic practices in response to escalating warfare, and 2 challenging preconceptions about class by comparing elite domestic practices with those of commoners, and 3 considering elite identity by comparing data gathered at Xaltocan with other elite households.

Provide a justification for these additional items, demonstrating why and how they will facilitate the research. If you have a Grant or Fellowship in another program e. Please help categorize your project by Discipline and Area or Topic: Grant funds used for purposes not approved by the Foundation, or not spent at the end of the grant period, must be returned to the Foundation. Project Description Question 1: All applicants will be notified regarding their applications at least two weeks before the next application deadline October 15 for the May 1 deadline and April 15 for the November 1 deadline.

Both ethnohistorical and archaeological research on houses will inform my research by providing a blueprint of a Postclassic house, and will be especially important sources of comparative data for diasertation class, identity and responses to political turbulence.

In the anthropology of human rights, concepts of justice and reconciliation are well understood as culturally-relative, and it is “unlikely that any single model of the relationship between culture and rights… is going to be adequate for all cases” Falk Moore General Criteria of Evaluation.

Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Class is one of many relational components that contributes to identity-making and broader social and political processes Brumfiel Hypothesis 1b Alternatively, elite domestic practices did not change to adapt to increased political strife.


First, I will identify the goals of participants Indigenous and non-Indigenous and facilitators TRC staff, lawyers, anthropologists in the TJ process to determine how each perceive reconciliation and justice. Project Description Question 2: This would suggest that elites at Xaltocan had significantly different domestic practices from commoners and distinguished themselves as members of the regional elite rather than cultivating a local identity Smith By comparing this data to studies concerning the limitations and benefits of TJ in other contexts, further insights disaertation the uses of Didsertation in advanced, democratic societies with no substantive political transition will emerge, and thus contribute to critical theorization of TJ efficacy and the meaning of justice overall.

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wenner gren dissertation fieldwork grant

Anthropologists who study transitional justice are uniquely positioned to address problems associated with the conceptualization of justice and reconciliation inherent in TJ processes and difficulties that stem from the methods of implementation. If hypothesis 2b were supported it would indicate that elites at Xaltocan did not live drastically different private lives from commoners, but were distinguished by their public roles.

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This in turn helps further theoretical understandings, which can themselves better inform culturally- sensitive and politically effective approaches to Grsnt implementation among participants and facilitators. Dissertation Fieldwork Grants are awarded to aid doctoral or thesis research. An wenher of challenges and opportunities for transitional justice in Canada. Give specific examples of this scholarship and its findings.

Archaeological evidence of change could include a decrease, increase, or shift in domestic materials over time which would indicate that political strife in the region led to a change in use patterns or access to certain products.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork grant