Examples of honors theses include senior engineering design projects, creative works of fiction, original documentaries, novel educational curricula, original performances or works of art, and traditional research papers. Select a thesis topic during the junior year It is never too early to begin thinking about a thesis topic! We strongly encourage all students to defend during Thesis Celebration Days, which are held in the honors college at the end of each fall and spring semester. If there is any question that your proposed research might need WMU-IRB approval, you should check with your thesis chair, the honors college dean or associate dean who reviewed your proposal, or directly contact the WMU-IRB before you proceed with your work. You should make sure that your whole committee has a final version of your written thesis at least one week preferably two before your defense so that they have plenty of time to review it. Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also sometimes referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor. You should aim at finding a topic that really appeals to you; your preliminary reading and conversations may suggest some areas that are prime for additional research.

The honors thesis experience is intended to provide you with an opportunity to hone pertinent skills and knowledge in your major field of study, or in another area of significant interest to you, under the close guidance of content experts. Fill in your proposed thesis topic, attach a one-page general description of the work to be done, and have your thesis chair respond to the follow up email confirming they are committed to serving as your thesis mentor. Does the thesis need to be completed in my major program of study? Your thesis chair should help you to identify clear milestones and deadlines for your project. Steps and Timeline Step One: What should I do? Start current Page 2:

The thesis and the abstract should be hojors electronically as a PDF or MP3, MP4 or WAV file, together with a signed copy of each of the documents in the thesis packet you received after turning in your defense certificate request form completed and signed ScholarWorks agreement and signed defense certificate.


Honors Thesis Research Scholarship

In the sciences, social sciences, business and education, this is theis a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation including a description of the motivation for your work, a summary of related work, the approach you used, the results obtained, your conclusions and their significance. For most students, getting started is the hardest part of doing an honors thesis!

For students who entered the honors college prior to fallHNRS is not required, but may be taken to count toward the honors credit requirement in the Experiential category if desired. This online course is designed to assist you in successfully navigating and completing the honors thesis honoors will provide you with many tools to help facilitate your work. It is strongly recommended that students consult with their faculty mentor regarding reputable journals in their disciplines.

The committee could include faculty from the same or another department or college at WMU, faculty from another institution, graduate students, WMU staff, or members of the broader community. If you decide to change topic, thesis mentor or date of graduation, you can simply complete a new form. Will this thesis require IBC approval?

This is a federal, not a University or honors college regulation. What can I expect from my thesis chair? It may be that your topic will be difficult to research, or that there is already a great deal of work that has been done in that area.

Honors students must enroll in and complete HNRS Students in some curricula, such as engineering, psychology, and fine arts, may substitute an approved capstone course from the curriculum for this requirement. For example, a traditional research paper, a public performance, a work of art, a design project, a business plan or educational curriculum may be completed for the co,lege thesis.

The defense consists of three parts: For some students especially in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and occasionally in the sciences and the College of Health and Human Servicesresearch conducted for the honors thesis contains proprietary information that cannot be released to the general public.

Ask theais thesis committee what they think is reasonable.


wmu lee honors college thesis

It is up to you to define the project and to be an active participant in the work. This course counts toward the Experiential portion of your honors credit hour requirement. The oral presentation typically consists of a 15 to 20 minute overview of your thesis work. The thesis length is dictated by the professional norms of your particular field of study. Most faculty identify their specific areas of expertise on their departmental websites.

Skip to main content. Recommendation for amendment usually occurs for one of three reasons: Although this may seem daunting, it is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and improve skills related to your intended profession, or in an area of significant interest to you, with the close guidance of a dedicated team of experts – your thesis chair and committee.

Of course you must be on time for your appointment, and if you must reschedule, do so early – do not be a no-show! Following this period, your committee at a minimum, your thesis chair and one committee member must be present for the exam will conduct a closed-door oral examination.

You should be able to articulate what interests you about this area of scholarship and why you would like to pursue an honors thesis related to it.

Many students find it helpful to write out a tentative timeline for completing each step. If you are really stuck, come in to the honors college and discuss your concerns with an advisor or the dean or associate dean.

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There are many ways to find a thesis chair. Also, be open-minded in your discussions.

To find a topic, you should reflect on courses, topics in courses, and experiences e. Engineering students may also choose to present their work during the Thesis Celebration Days at thesia honors college to compete for best thesis presentation prizes. In the humanities, this might include a reading from your original paper.

wmu lee honors college thesis