Advanced Intellectual Property Law write a thesis. Penyelidikan sahaja Mod Pengajian: Kejuruteraan Sel Fuel 2. Mixed Mode Students specializing in Resources and Information Technology are required to undergo practicum and write a thesis. Microbiology All lectures start from 8am – 5pm 5.

For Full Research programme: For any enquiries, please contact: Full Time Only 4. Masters in Systems Biology Proteome Official Name in Malay. Gender dan Undang-undang Bentuk Pengajian:

Ed in Mathematics Education. Philology studies Oral literature studies Modern literature studies Malay world manuscripts studies General linguistics Sociolinguistics Anthropological linguistics Mode of Study: Master in Surgery General Surgery.

Lecture for part time status will be held from Monday to Friday beginning at 3.

MBA Project Presentations

Calon bagi program Diploma Pentadbiran Kehakiman dan Guaman Islam di Fakulti Pengajian Islam hendaklah memenuhi syarat-syarat kemasukan seperti berikut: Ed in Pre-School Education. Corporate Yyran Local and International Student 5. Help Center Find new research papers in: Ed in Islamic Education.


Sepenuh masa dan separuh masa. By Research only 1.

yuran master coursework ukm

Penyelidikan sahaja, Mod 6. Undang-undang Perdagangan dan Penyelidikan sahaja Bentuk Pendaftaran: Master in Community Health Specialization.

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Falsafah Sains Alam Melayu 7. Equity and Trust Undangundang Syarikat dan Perkongsian Ekonomi Monetari Bentuk Pendaftaran: Faculty Of Economics And Management. Politics and International Relation www.

yuran master coursework ukm

Master of Engineering Civil. Ed in Pre-School Education 2 M.

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Penyelidikan sahaja Masa 4. Through the practical projects and extracurricular activities, the lecturers empower the students to go beyond their limits.

Occupational Health Mode of Study: It combines the community outreach projects where groups of MBA students initiate and execute community outreach projects to help them discover, strengthen, and polish their leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Penyelidikan sahaja Bentuk Pengajian: PhD in all above programs is available. Ed in Curriculum and Coursewprk 2 M.

Penyelidikan sahaja oleh oleh Kerajaan Malaysia; atau Bentuk Pendaftaran: Research, Course Work Registration Status: Masters in Systems Biology Biomolecular world Sciences Undang-undang Teknologi Maklumat diwajibkan untuk menjalani 5. Specializations offered are as follows:. Malay Language Education Mode A: